"Everything I want to do and cannot do with my body, Art does for me. My Art dances, when I cannot. My paint runs for me..." 

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What I've Been up to Lately

More Images on 31 August 2014, 00.36
More Images
Transformation Training Book on 31 August 2014, 00.31
Transformation Training Book
For several months, we've been working with Minda Cox, an extremely talented artist with an incredible story! Born in India and adopted by an American family, she has learned to create incredible art despite being born with...
Now In Spanish on 29 August 2014, 18.01
Now In Spanish
ON Saturday August 9th I met with my friends Channing Horner and his wife Louise in Kansas City- they are a wonderful couple who have translated my book "Ordinary" into Spanish! They brought along with them another amazing ...

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